Pool Management

    Employees who are satisfied with their schedule are more consistently availability, lower costs and satisfy clients. Who doesn’t want that? Pool management is a methodology that can be used to set up a of pool employees in such a way that suits the needs of your organisation in terms of flexibility, availability and scalability.

    What is pool management?

    Pool management makes you think about the structure of your pool of employees and focus both on contract hours as well as working hours to give employees greater certainty with regard to their schedule and the organisation will find themselves with a better occupancy on interval level. An extreme example:

    You have a company with only fulltime employees. You are “open” five days a week, from nine o’clock in the morning to nine in the evening (12 hours per day). This means that your employees can choose between an early shift (from 9.00 – 17.00) or a late shift (13.00 – 21.00). This means that between 13.00 and 17.00 your company has a double occupancy compared to the morning or evening. Often this occupancy does not comply with the required occupancy in which your clients interact with your company. In addition; in the afternoon you need twice as many work places (and square metres).

    At pool management we take a photo of your pool employees: how many hours they work, their flexibility (in hours in the day and the week), how much room there is to change their availability, how much you can scale up and down and in how much time? This is plotted to the needs of your organisation (how many do you need) and we then undertake a GAP analysis based on this information. The result is a concrete roadmap for how you can shape your pool proactively or reactively. By more specifically how to deploy hours and shifts while also keeping a good eye on the structure of the contract forms. Through natural attrition you can gradually implement an improvement in the field of availability, employee satisfaction and flexibility.

    What can it do for my organisation?

    In the chart below you can see the difference in capacity between what is needed and what the planned capacity is based on a Monday interval (in this example).

    Pool Management EN

    Essentially, pool management ensures that the yellow bars in the morning and the yellow bars in the afternoon cancel each other out. In this example you can see that in the morning there are fewer people and in the afternoon a lot more. Taken all together you score well for availability at the end of the day, but your clients will not experience this in the morning. By implementing effective pool management you will simply be able to do more with less; thereby positively influencing employee satisfaction as your employees get a schedule which suits their private situation. The client will be satisfied, the employee will be satisfied and you will be satisfied too.